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Our mission is to establish a sustainable, participatory and interactive partnership between you as a Hotel and between us as a Tour Agency. 

In simple words; This is a partnership between us and the Hotel, were the hotel will get a fixed percentage of profit on all their clients booking through our system, and this is a fully automated booking system and all financial matters are automated. 

We aim to grow and enhance our services via the cooperation with you as our loyal customer. The satisfaction of each new client is our precious gift that we will keep for years. The experience that we have gained for over the decade of working in the field helps us find the common language with every new customer. We value your time a lot, so we have initiated a number of programs that ensure the top-notch customer assistance. Our customer support team is on the phone 24/7. The reps are always ready to assist you with any question. Live chat and the ticket system are also at your disposal.