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Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Jordan has so many treasures, thounsand of historical sites, its natural environment, and its people. We are committed that the experiences we offer help to protect and replenish the environment and create wealth and better futures for communities across Jordan.

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Tourism in Jordan
Tourism in Jordan

Tourism has become an essential player in Jordan economy, and recently showed remarkable growth in terms of revenues, rising by 9 in the first quarter of 2010.  The tourism sector in Jordan acts as the driver of sustainable economic development and is considered the second fastest growing sector in the kingdom being the largest export sector and a major employer. 

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Our mission is to establish a sustainable, participatory and interactive partnership between you as a Hotel and between us as a Tour Agency. 

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We are a tour company based in Jordan and started our bussines 5 years ago , acheived Certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor continuously during the past three years (2016-2017 and 2018) and looking forward to expand our boundaries. 

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Our platform is a web based application that runs over a tablet placed on selected areas at the Hotel, so clients can book their tour directly from those tablets. A percentage is taken apart of all these tours that were booked through the hotel and transferred directly to the Hotel at the end of each month.